We are very thrilled to announce the latest feature we launched on our pioneer GPS Tracking Software! Now it is easy than ever to create a “Event Alarm” so you get notified when your vehicles perform such kind of action! We have designed a very easy and efficient way which allows you to create notifications events on a very easy and simple way. The event notifications provides you real time information regarding the action of your vehicles via platform notification event, email and SMS on your mobile phone. Now you can create notifications like “Overspeed”, “Geo Fence IN/OUT”, “Moving alert”, “No connection”, “SOS event” and many more with just a few clicks!

This feature is already updated on our software and or existing and new clients can enjoy it followign the below instructions:


Once you log in our our Online GPS Tracking Software, click on the “Events” tab located at the top left corner of your screen, as the image shows.

On the new window that appears simply choose the type of event you want to create. If you move your mouse over each event, you can see a small description about what this event does! Of course our trackign software offers many more reports, which you can access them by clicking the  “Add Event” button at the top of this page.


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