Software Update

We are glad to announce a new software update! This update is focused primarily on fixing and updating the protocols we have in our systems, therefore the changes we made are:

- Added Teltonika FM CODEC 8 Extended protocol
- Added Gosafe G1C protocol
- Added PF Technologies protocol
- Added support for TopTen camera
- Updated iStartek VT600/VT900 protocol to support temperature parameters
- Updated Concox GT06 protocol to support 0x94 messages
- Updated Queclink GV65 protocol
- Updated LKGPS protocol
- Updated Fifotrack protocol to support shorter commands without checksum
- Updated Fifotrack protocol with heartbeat message parsing
- Updated Eniac protocol
- Updated Queclink GL300 protocol
- Updated Queclink GL300W protocol
- Updated Queclink GV65 protocol
- Updated TotemTech AT07 OBD protocol
- Updated Unknown T0024 protocol
- Updated Suntech ST600 protocol
- Fixed Jointech JT701 protocol
- Fixed Skypatrol TCP protocol
- Fixed Pointer Cellocator protocol
- Fixed Telic protocol
- Fixed LKGPS protocol
- Fixed Meitrack protocol temperature sensor issues
- Fixed Teltonika AT, FM, GH models issues with negative altitude