How can I add more values to shown at the homepage?

By default, certain values are shown on the homepage of our smartphone application. Through the “Homepage Customizer” tab you have the option to add/remove any value you want, so you can customize the homepage of our application, according to your needs! In order to access the homepage customizer, simply click on the “More” tab and then click the “Homepage Customizer” option.

A tab like the one which is listed below will appear. Through this page you can activate/deactivate the values you want to show in the homepage for every vehicle spearately.


The changes you will make will appear at the top of the homepage, like in the image below:


How can I edit the events in the mobile application?

In order to edit the events you created in the mobile apps, you have to click the “Alerts” tab, press the “View Events” button at the top of the page, and in the event, you want to edit, slide to the left like it is shown in the image below:

Edit/ Deactivate the event

Why I don’t receive push notification to my phone?

In order to receive a push notification to your smartphone device, two major things must happen:

  • Allow the push notifications through our app. Open our mobile application on your smartphone and click on “Settings”.
  • In the settings menu, make sure you have toggled them “Show instant notifications” like it is shown in the image below: