Track & Trace

With the “Track & Trace” feature you can share the live location of certain vehicles you can choose, for a specific duration of time, with anyone you want! Our system will generate a unique public link (URL), where once you click on it, you can login in our software without typing any username or password.

In order to access the feature and generate a public URL, simply click in the “Track’n’Trace” icon, as it is listed in the image below:


Once you click this option, a new window will appear with the following settings, like it is shown in the image below:


On this page you have to fill:

  1.  Select Objects: From the dropdown list, select the objects you want to share in public.
  2. Public Link Name: Write a name for the link you will create. This can be something like your client name or just a random name like “My Link” for example.
  3. Duration: Here you can choose the duration of time the public link will remain active. For example if you choose 30 minutes, this means that the person you will share the public link, will have access only for 30 minutes!
  4. Press Generate Link!

Once you generate the public link, you can copy it from the right side of the page, and share it with anyone you wish and also you can check how many time is left for the public link to remain active!

Export History Data

You can export and download the history data of all your vehicles locally to your system, so you retain a unlimited data for the routes and the behavior of your vehicles! This feature allows you to download the critical details of all your vehicles (route, address, speed, parameter data and more) for the period you wish! This is a great way in order to download the data of your GPS Tracker devices, store them locally so you can retain unlimited history data!

In order to make use of this feature open the “My Account” panel (see how) and navigate to “Export History” tab. From there choose the dates you want to download the data of your vehicles and press the “prepare” button..

NOTE: Your “From” and “To” dates must be within 60 days.

Export History – TrackerWay

Once you press the “generate” button the system automatically start collecting and generating the files. This process takes a while, depenind on the dates you choose and the data your vehicles had for this period. Usually within 10 minutes, the files will be ready, and you can download them like it is shown in the below image.
Export History 2

NOTE: Generated files are kept in our system for 1 day!

How can I get my API key?

In order to make use of our API system, you must retrieve your API key which is located at the “My Account” panel. When you are logged in our software, open the “My Account” panel and at the bottom of the page, you should see your API key, just like it is shown in the image below. Once you get your API Key, you need to check our API documentation.


API Functionality

Our software provides you an advanced API functionality in order to connect the data you get through our software to your required system. If you are interested to use our API system, please check our API Documentation.

What is the long storage feature?

The long storage is a pioneer feature of our GPS Tracking software, which allows you to download the history route of your vehicles locally in your PC! If you are interested to enroll in this service, all you have to do is to contact us and we will get back to you with more details!

Once you enroll in this service, the long storage icon will appear in the “My Account” panel, like it is shown below.


From the above panel, you can download the history route on a daily basis of your routes in a zipped format, and store them in your desired media. When you want to retrieve the history route of your vehicles, from the “Upload Storage File” tab you can upload the long storage files you have already download. Note: You can upload one file at a time!


Driver Behaviour Report (RAG REPORT)

Our pioneer GPS Tracking Software gives you the option to generate a Driver Behaviour Report (RAG Report), in order to see the overall behaviour of your drivers! This is a very helpful feature, as it will automatically calculate the famous traffic light rating system or RAG status definition as a visual cue to project performance. In order to generate this report, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Create Event.

In order our system to retrieve the required information of your GPS, you need to create the following events:

  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering

Step 2: Assign Driver.
Once you create this event, you have to assign a driver on your vehicles. In order to see how you can create a driver, click here.

Step 3: Create Report.

Now the final step would be to create a Driver Behavior (RAG) report. Simply click on the Reports tab , click the “Add Report” button and choose the “Driver behavior (RAG)” report. Choose the vehicle you want to create the report for (you can choose multiple vehicles), and click generate!

RAG Explation:

Red Color: There are significant issues with the project.
Amber Color: A problem has a negative effect on project performance but can be dealt with by the project manager or project delivery team.
Green Color: The project is performing to plan.

UPDATE:  In case you are interested for getting a complete Driver Behavior report, please check our new “Driver Behavior”  feature.

Is it possible to download history data?

Our GPS Tracking Software provides you with the possibility to download the data your GPS Tracker devices send to our servers. This is a great way in order to have access to the data your devices send to our servers, and also to keep your personal backup files. Through our software, you have the ability to download the history data of your vehicles in various formats like GSP, KML, GPX, and CSV.

In order to download the history files, from the Tracking Software homepage, navigate to the “History” tab and choose the object you are interested in. Then click the “Import/Export” button and choose the format you want to export the file, like it is shown in the picture below.


You can also check our longstorage feature, that allows you to download the history data of your vehicles, automatically on a daily basis!

How can I delete my history data?

We respect your privacy settings and therefore we provide you with the ability to completely delete your account and the history data of your vehicles in case this is requested from you. In case you are interested to perform such an action, click the “My account” panel (see how), and then click on the “My Account” tab. Scroll at the bottom page and you will see the “Delete my account” & “Delete my history” buttons.


NOTE: Once you submit your request to delete either your account or your history data, our application will start erasing your data. Within 1 hour all your data will be PERMANENTLY DELETED, and you will no longer have access to them.

How to send GPRS commands?

Our GPS Tracking software allows you to send GPRS commands to your GPS Tracker devices, directly through the main interface of the software. All you have to do is simply login to your account and click the “Object Control* button highlighted with white borded on the figure below:


* In some languages the “Object Control” tab might be shown as “GPRS“.