How can i add users/devices – manager view

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Now that you have become a Manager on our software, you might have noticed a new yellow icon that appeared on your screen. This is the so-called CPANEL icon, which stands for Control Panel. Note that from the time you get Manager privileges, every action will be done through CPANEL only! In order to add a new user (also called sub-user) on your account, you have to access the CPANEL option (see how). Once you access the CPANEL, you will see two main categories:

User List: On this page (highlighted with green square), you can add new users and sub-users on your account. In order to add a new user, all you have to do is press the “+” button at the bottom left corner as it is shown below . Once you click this button a window will appear with the two following settings:

Email: This is the email address of your user

Send Credentials: If you check this option, an email with the login details will be sent to your user. By default, this option is enabled. If you don’t want your user to receive an email, simply uncheck this option.

Object List: From this page, you can add new devices to your customers and also edit the existing devices. In order to access the Object list tab, you must navigate to the object tab (highlighted with green square) as it is shown below: