How can i purchase SMS credits?

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Our GPS Tracking Application gives you the option to purchase SMS credits (pricing depends on your country). You can use SMS credits to either: Send commands to your tracker directly, using the “Object Control” button or receive SMS alerts on your mobile phone when an alarm has been triggered. Our SMS service works worldwide without extra costs and your SMS credits will not expire. In order to purchase SMS credits directly through our platform simply:

  • Click on the “SMS” option at the header bar (highlighted with blue square on the image below)



  • From the new window that appears, choose the country you want to use the SMS credits. Below the country field you can see the cost for each SMS credit.sms-2

Choose your desired amount of SMS credits you want to purchase choosing either 100, 200, 500 or 800 SMS credits! Make the payment and within 10 minutes your account will be ready to use the SMS credits!