How can i add sensors on my devices?

Adding sensors on your GPS Tracker device will allow you to increase the capabilities and enhance the features your GPS Tracker devices provide you! Our pioneer Tracking Software accepts a variety of sensors, however, in the first place, your GPS Tracker device is responsible for providing us the proper details. Therefore it is crucial to enable all the appropriate I/O (input/output) sources of your GPS Tracker device, in order to provide the software all the required details in order to present the findings from your sensors.

We strongly recommend checking the user manual of your GPS Tracker device, before continuing on.

1) On the GPS Tracker device you want to add sensors, click on the dots icon and then click on the “Edit” button.


2) On the new window that will appear, click on the “Sensors” tab and then click the “+” icon at the bottom left corner, as it appears on the figure below.


3) On the new window that will appear (figure below) you will see the “Sensors Properties” window. From there you can add all the appropriate details about your new sensor.

4) Hint: The sensors parameters depends on your GPS Tracker devices. A quick guide about the sensor parameters can be found here. If you need any further assistance about adding sensors on your account, contact us!