Export History Data

You can export and download the history data of all your vehicles locally to your system, so you retain a unlimited data for the routes and the behavior of your vehicles! This feature allows you to download the critical details of all your vehicles (route, address, speed, parameter data and more) for the period you wish! This is a great way in order to download the data of your GPS Tracker devices, store them locally so you can retain unlimited history data!

In order to make use of this feature open the “My Account” panel (see how) and navigate to “Export History” tab. From there choose the dates you want to download the data of your vehicles and press the “prepare” button..

NOTE: Your “From” and “To” dates must be within 60 days.

Export History – TrackerWay

Once you press the “generate” button the system automatically start collecting and generating the files. This process takes a while, depenind on the dates you choose and the data your vehicles had for this period. Usually within 10 minutes, the files will be ready, and you can download them like it is shown in the below image.

Export History 2

NOTE: Generated files are kept in our system for 1 day!