How can i configure the fuel consumption for my vehicles?

Our pioneer GPS Tracking Software uses a complex algorithm, which is capable to provide 90% accuracy about the fuel consumption of your vehicles! You can make use of this feature, by simply adding the fuel consumption rate of your vehicles.

First of all, you have to open the settings of your vehicles, by pressing the “Settings” tab and then click the edit icon, exactly as the image below shows :


2) Once the new window appear, navigate at the”Fuel Consumption” tab, which is highlighted with red square on the below image:


In this new window, you can edit the fuel consumption settings of your vehicle!
Source: Here you can choose the source of the fuel consumption. We recommend using Rates.
Measurement: You can choose between litres and MPG. Default setting is l/100km.
Cost per liter: Here you add hte cost per fuel liter. On our example the liter costs 1,5euro.
Rates Summer rate (kilometers per liter): Here you type the consuption of your vehicle. In our example the vehicle consumes 7litre/100 km.
Rates Winter rate (kilometers per liter): Here you type the consuption of your vehicle in the winter months. In our example the vehicle consumes 7litre/100 km.
Winter from: Finally on the two last options you define when you want to count the winter rate (from which month of the year.)