What is the long storage feature?

The long storage is a pioneer feature of our GPS Tracking software, which allows you to download the history route of your vehicles locally in your PC! If you are interested to enroll in this service, all you have to do is to contact us and we will get back to you with more details!

Once you enroll in this service, the long storage icon will appear in the “My Account” panel, like it is shown below.


From the above panel, you can download the history route on a daily basis of your routes in a zipped format, and store them in your desired media. When you want to retrieve the history route of your vehicles, from the “Upload Storage File” tab you can upload the long storage files you have already download. Note: You can upload one file at a time!


How long you keep the history route to your servers?

We keep the entire history route of your vehicles in our servers for 45 days! In case you are interested to keep the history for more than 45 days, we offer you the possibility to download the route of your vehicles through our longstorage feature.

Is it possible to download history data?

Our GPS Tracking Software provides you with the possibility to download the data your GPS Tracker devices send to our servers. This is a great way in order to have access to the data your devices send to our servers, and also to keep your personal backup files. Through our software, you have the ability to download the history data of your vehicles in various formats like GSP, KML, GPX, and CSV.

In order to download the history files, from the Tracking Software homepage, navigate to the “History” tab and choose the object you are interested in. Then click the “Import/Export” button and choose the format you want to export the file, like it is shown in the picture below.


You can also check our longstorage feature, that allows you to download the history data of your vehicles, automatically on a daily basis!