How can i create a route alert?

Our GPS Tracking software provides you the possibility  to create a “Route alert” notification. This tool will notify you if your vehicles enter or leave a route you have designed on the map! A great tool for companies who want to get notified instantly if their employees deviate their route!

In order to enjoy this feature simply follow the below steps:

  • From the homepage of the software navigate to “Places” tab and then click on the “Routes” tab, as it is shown on the image below. When the “Routes” tab is active ,click the “Add route” button(the big arrow points at the image below).


  • Once you click the “Add route” button the “Route properties” window will appear, as it is shown on the image below. On this window you can edit the settings of the new route you create; you can add the name of this route, assign it to a group of routes, choose the route’s color  and set the deviation. Once you add the settings you wish, all that remains is to design the route on the map. Simply click with your mouse on the road in order to start designing the route.NOTE: Due to GPS drifiting we suggest to use a deviation of at least 0.5 km.


  • The last step would be to create a notification event for the route incident. Open the “Events” tab (see how) and click on the “Add event” button. On the new window that appears, choose as type either the “Route in” (if you want to get notified when your vehicles enter the route you designed on the previous step) or the “Route out” (if you want to get notified when your vehicles exit the route you designed on the previous step). Then choose the Route you created, in the previous step and finally choose the object this alert refers to (the vehicles you want to get notified about).


How can i view the route my vehicles made?

In order to view the route your vehicle has made (History Route), simply click on the dots icon next to the name of your device, hover over the “Show History” tab and then choose the time frame that suits your needs.