What is the SMS notification?


Our GPS Tracking Software offers various kind of notification alerts that will notify you instantly once one -or multiple- of your vehicles perform some kind of action you choose.  A common notification alert most of our customers use, is the “Overspeed” alert, where they set a desired speed limit and once a vehicle of their account exceeds this limit, they get notified via SMS, email, or sound alert on our system. In order to see how you can create a notification alert, please check here.

Like we said above one of the ways you can get notified when an incident occurs, is via SMS on your mobile phone. In order to make use of this feature you must have SMS credits on your account (details on how to purchase SMS credit, you can check here). Once you purchase some SMS credits you can enjoy instant SMS notification on your smartphone (and in multiple smartphones too) regarding the status of your vehicles! Get actual control of your GPS tracker devices, via our pioneer GPS Tracking Software!