Web Based GPS Tracking Software

We have designed a pioneer user-friendly online GPS Tracking Software, that will help you manage your fleet of vehicles and optimize the way you used to work until now! Our tracking software is web-based, which means that can be accessed from any device and any browser on any location in the world! Our online web-based fleet tracking software provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard and accurate statistics directly driven from the GPS Tracker device of your fleet! Learn the exact location of your vehicles and the fuel consumption, with just a few clicks! A pioneer tracking application of TrackerWay!

The “History” feature will allow you to display the route of the vehicle in different ways: visually on the map, in a graph or in HTML/Xls format! With the very useful “Event” feature of our tracking software, you will have the ability to receive instant SMS/email notifications, which are triggered by different event types such as: Overspeed, door open, Geo-Fence, RFID passengers, fuel sensors, iButton and more.

Track your vehicles in real time!

Our Tracking Platform Software allows you to locate and track your vehicle(s) in real time through the web, from any location and any device in the world! Get actual control of your assets and increase the productivity of your employees, through our pioneer software! Get actual controls of your assets and optimize your working times.  Create your 7 days free trial account on our online gps tracking software, by clicking the button below.

Create GeoFence Limits!

With the GeoFence feature of our software, you can limit the movement area of your assets and get notified instantly when a vehicle (or many) enters or leave a GeoFence area you created!

Our pioneer real time tracking software offers additional vehicle control features that can be created with some of them being: Overspeed alert, Moving alert, Loss Connection alert, Route IN/OUT alert and many more! Get notified instantly on your smartphone via SMS or email once the incident occurs!


Detailed History Report!

Through our software, you can view the route your vehicle(s) made for the past 90 days with every detail! Now you can see the exact route and the stops your vehicles made with a detailed report for the last 3 months. You have the option to view where your vehicles were at a specific time of a day, the stops they made and the duration of the stops as well!