Motorcycle Tracking with Teltonika devices

In urban cities motorcycles can get you into places where other vehicles cannot, it might be the fastest method of transportation during traffic hours. This commodity has one disadvantage – it is an easy target for thieves. In most cases quick reaction to theft attempt could save your valuable asset. With our solution you will always have current location, receive warnings if motor bike is being moved or if tracker was disconnected from battery.

TrackerWay offers you a unique solution, so you can start monitoring your motorcycle in real-time through the web. Secure your motorbike and get instant notifications in case your bike is moved while you are away! With our “Ready to work GPS Tracker devices“, all you have to do is to connect power source to the device and you are ready to track your device in real-time through our GPS Tracking Software & our mobile applications!

Now it easier than ever to protect your valuable asset from potential loss, while you rest assure than in case of something unexpected happens, you will be notitfied immediatelly! Our pioneer GPS Tracking Software is capable to notify you within 5 seconds from the time the event will be generated. An enterprise solution, is now available for all of you!

Shop now the suitable Teltonika FMB964 – Ready to work device, for your motorcycle at:

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