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Teltonika FMT100 a simply great GPS Tracker device

Teltonika GPS Tracker FMT100, with (very powerful) internal antennas, Bluetooth and waterproof!


FMT100 is a new GPS Tracker device, manufactured from a Lithuanian company called Teltonika. Teltonika is one of the oldest and most reliable manufacturers with a big collection of reliable GPS Tracker devices and not only. As you can read from the description above, FMT100 offers a lot of great features on a more great price.

At a glance, it is a smart waterproof GNSS tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and an internal backup battery. The solid waterproof case with built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with extremely accurate crash trace functionality makes this device perfectly suitable for the majority of the modern businesses. This device comes with only two power cables, which means that you can install this device to your vehicle within just a few minutes (personally we managed to mount it on our car in just 3 minutes!). The most common installation method of this device is to connect it directly into the battery of your vehicle, as the GPS antenna is so strong that it can easily transmit the signal while it is under the hood.



Closing this short review about the Teltonika FMT100, it is worth mentioning that this device comes with the updated crash detection functionality developed by Teltonika, which is working according to accelerometer data that are measured inside the chipset of the FMT100.  You can purchase the Teltonika FMT100 directly through our eshop, visiting this URL.

What we like about this device:

  • Small size
  • Quality of device
  • Quality of internal parts
  • Strong GPS antenna
  • Waterproof housing (IP65)
  • Easy installation

What we didn’t like about this device:

  • Lack of connections
  • Small battery size


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Teltonika FMT100 is now supported from GPS Tracking Software

The most recent release and promising best selling GPS Tracker device, the Teltonika FMT100 model is now supported from our pioneer GPS Tracking Software!

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Teltonika FMA120

One of the most famous and best selling GPS Tracker devices, the Teltonika FMA120 model is now supported from our pioneer GPS Tracking Software!

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