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Teltonika GPS Tracking Software

UI Software updates!

We are glad to announce our -minor- user interface (UI) software updates on our GPS Tracking Software! From time to time we release updates in our GPS Tracking software, in order to make sure that we meet your expectations and also offer you better and more efficient tracking experience!

The minor changes we release this week are:

New ICONS! High-quality vehicle icons are available in order to choose the vehicle you prefer the most!


Added SIM number when adding new device. In order to better categorize your GPS objects!


We present you our beautiful smartphone application!

We are proud to announce our new smartphone applications, which are easy to use, with nice graphics and great functionality! Now you can monitor your GPS Tracker devices from anywhere you are in real time with speed, location, and after-hours alerts delivered instantly via push notifications and e-mail. With the Push Notifications option enabled; you have the possibility to receive an instant alert on your smartphone whenever an event occurs.

TrackerWay allows you to monitor real-time information for your tracking device on your smartphone including; speed, altitude, distance traveled, routes, pre-set events and the location of your vehicle. The mobile application is free of charge, included with your TrckerWay subscription. You can view more details about our applications on the smartphone page.