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New Supported Devices!

We are very glad to announce a new software update, where we improved some tasks that run under the hood, so you get faster loading times and also we added few new GPS Tracker manufacturers and improved the protocols for exisitng supported manufacturers! The new GPS manufacturers we added are: Arknav eSky You can view […]

Motorcycle Tracking with Teltonika devices

In urban cities motorcycles can get you into places where other vehicles cannot, it might be the fastest method of transportation during traffic hours. This commodity has one disadvantage – it is an easy target for thieves. In most cases quick reaction to theft attempt could save your valuable asset. With our solution you will […]

UI Software updates!

We are glad to announce our -minor- user interface (UI) software updates on our GPS Tracking Software! From time to time we release updates in our GPS Tracking software, in order to make sure that we meet your expectations and also offer you better and more efficient tracking experience! The minor changes we release this […]