Software Update

We are glad to announce a new software update! This update is focused primarily on fixing and updating the protocols we have in our systems, therefore the changes we made are:

- Added Teltonika FM CODEC 8 Extended protocol
- Added Gosafe G1C protocol
- Added PF Technologies protocol
- Added support for TopTen camera
- Updated iStartek VT600/VT900 protocol to support temperature parameters
- Updated Concox GT06 protocol to support 0x94 messages
- Updated Queclink GV65 protocol
- Updated LKGPS protocol
- Updated Fifotrack protocol to support shorter commands without checksum
- Updated Fifotrack protocol with heartbeat message parsing
- Updated Eniac protocol
- Updated Queclink GL300 protocol
- Updated Queclink GL300W protocol
- Updated Queclink GV65 protocol
- Updated TotemTech AT07 OBD protocol
- Updated Unknown T0024 protocol
- Updated Suntech ST600 protocol
- Fixed Jointech JT701 protocol
- Fixed Skypatrol TCP protocol
- Fixed Pointer Cellocator protocol
- Fixed Telic protocol
- Fixed LKGPS protocol
- Fixed Meitrack protocol temperature sensor issues
- Fixed Teltonika AT, FM, GH models issues with negative altitude

Marker Export Report | A handy feature!

Our GPS Tracking Software allows you to export the markers you already added on our software, so you get even better information regarding the reports you will create through our app! This new feature is available under certain reports (like the “Drives and stops” for example), where you can choose to show the markers on the generated report, so you can understand easier where your vehicles stopped!

In order to export markers, all you have to do is to tick the checkbox “Show Markers”.

Once you generate the report the nearest markers will appear next to the address of the location, just like it is showon the image below:


NOTE: The “Show Markers” feature is not availabe on all reports.
NOTE2: The markers must be near the stop location of your vehicles!


TKSTAR TK905 & TKSTAR TK915 are now supported!

The most recent release and promising best selling GPS Tracker device, the TKSTAR TK905 & TK915 model is now supported from our pioneer GPS Tracking Software!

Tkstar-tk905 TKSTAR-car-vehicle-truck-gps-tracker-locator-TK915-Waterproof-Magnetic-absorption-anti-fall-alarm

If you own a GPS Tracker device from TKSTAR manufacturer and more precise the model TK905 & TK915, you are able to track these devices through our GPS tracking platform. In addition, we would like to inform you that many models of Teltonika are supported through our online platform, and you can see the entire list browsing our supported list.

Closing in order to locate and track your Teltonika GPS Tracker device through our GPS Tracking Software, follow the below steps:

  1. Create your account visiting our GPS Tracking Software.
  2. Configure your device to report on the following settings:

IP: track.trackerway.com
Port: 11921

In case you need any assistance or you want to purchase this device, feel free to contact us!


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Object Proximity, a great tool!

We are glad to announce a new great tool that our engineers created and we launch on the latest update of our pioneer GPS Tracking Software; we call it “Object Proximity” report!

The Object proximity report is a great tools that allows you to check when two or more of your business vehicles, “meet” within a certain distance! For example you can create a report where you can see if vehicle A & vehicle B where both in a radius less than 2 kilometers! Of course you can create this report for various distance radius and for the specific date you are interested to check!

In order to create such kind of report, simply login on our tracking software and click on the reports. From the drop down menu, choose the “Object Proximity” and fill the required details! We would also advice you to have a look on our knowledge base, in case you need any further assistance


New Event Panel!


Advanced GeoCoder feature!

We are glad to announce that on the latest software update we released,  an advanced GeoCoder has been added on our pioneer GPS Tracking Software! Full address details are now available!

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New Software Styling

We are glad to announce you a brand new styling of our pioneer GPS Tracking Software! Most active users might have already notice some minor changes over the last two weeks, until today!


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Software Updated (Version 6.1)

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new stable version of our Tracking Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at our tracking software with the same login credentials.

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Software Updated (Version 6.0)

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new stable version of our Tracking Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at our tracking software with the same login credentials.

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We are SSL ready!

We are glad to inform our customers that our online fleet management software is now SSL secure & ready!


encrypt-decrypt - tracking-platform


We are very serious about our data security and the security of our client’s sensitive information in overall. While our software is very secure, solid and well tested from our developers, today we add one more layer of security! From now on our services are “passing” through 2048bit encryption before they reach your browser! For more details about the SSL technology, you can check here.

If you face any difficulty or you want to get more information, do not hesitate to contact our support department.