Blog post and articles about the latest software updates we release! We make constant improvements in our GPS Tracking software, so you get the most out of it!


Track & Trace Service


New Supported Devices!

We are very glad to announce a new software update, where we improved some tasks that run under the hood, so you get faster loading times and also we added few new GPS Tracker manufacturers and improved the protocols for exisitng supported manufacturers! The new GPS manufacturers we added are:

  • Arknav
  • eSky

You can view the entire list of our 600+ supported GPS Tracker devices in the list with our supported devices.

Having something to recommend about our services? Feel free to use our suggestion form in order to send us your comments and your suggestions regarding future improvements and features you want to implement!

UI Software updates!

We are glad to announce our -minor- user interface (UI) software updates on our GPS Tracking Software! From time to time we release updates in our GPS Tracking software, in order to make sure that we meet your expectations and also offer you better and more efficient tracking experience!

The minor changes we release this week are:

New ICONS! High-quality vehicle icons are available in order to choose the vehicle you prefer the most!


Added SIM number when adding new device. In order to better categorize your GPS objects!


Object Proximity, a great tool!

We are glat to announce a new great tool that our engineers created and we launch on the latest update of our pioneer GPS Tracking Software; we call it “Object Proximity” report!

The Object proximity report is a great tools that allows you to check when two or more of your business vehicles, “meet” within a certain distance! For example you can create a report where you can see if vehicle A & vehicle B where both in a radius less than 2 kilometers! Of course you can create this report for various distance radius and for the specific date you are interested to check!

In order to create such kind of report, simply login on our tracking software and click on the reports. From the drop down menu, choose the “Object Proximity” and fill the required details! We would also advice you to have a look on our knowledge base, in case you need any further assistance!


Advanced Geocoder!

New Map Layers