In TrackerWay, we want to offer you the best possible GPS Tracking experience, so you can increase the reputation, usability and reliability of your company and your partners. For this (and many more) reasons, we constantly make significant updates into our pioneer GPS Tracking Software.

Our latest update is a feature that many of you requested and we are sure that you will enjoy; the new service is called “Track & Trace“! With the “Track & Trace” feature you can share the live location of certain vehicles you can choose, for a specific duration of time, with anyone you want! Our system will generate a unique public link (URL), where once you click on it, you can login in our software without typing any username or password.

In order to access the feature and generate a public URL, simply click in the “Track’n’Trace” icon, as it is listed in the image below:


Once you click this option, a new window will appear with the following settings, like it is shown in the image below:


On this page you have to fill:

  1.  Select Objects: From the dropdown list, select the objects you want to share in public.
  2. Public Link Name: Write a name for the link you will create. This can be something like your client name or just a random name like “My Link” for example.
  3. Duration: Here you can choose the duration of time the public link will remain active. For example if you choose 30 minutes, this means that the person you will share the public link, will have access only for 30 minutes!
  4. Press Generate Link!

Once you generate the public link, you can copy it from the right side of the page, and share it with anyone you wish and also you can check how many time is left for the public link to remain active!

Closing we would like to remind you that your comments are very important for us, as they help us create a better GPS Tracking Software and offer you the best possible services! Therefore we would be grateful if you take just a minute to fill the suggestion form, in order to let us know what you want to create next or what you want us to fix better in our web application or mobile application!